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How the collective works?

Why choose Créateurs d’intérieur for my project?

Unlike a connection platform, Interior Designers is a human-sized structure that emphasizes the quality and tailor-made management of your project. The way we work is very simple: you contact us, we put you in touch with one of our members who is going to take charge of your project from start to finish (design, selection of participants, coordination, management and execution of interior or exterior renovation works ).

The collective gathers professionals, insured and graduates, who were selected and retained for their creativity, professionalism and experience. Our members work with certified companies.

How to contact an interior designer, interior designer, decorator or landscape designer?

To get in touch with one of our members, you must submit a project request to us in the Contact section. We will then redirect you to the member of the group most able to process your request.

What is the 1st appointment?

The first meeting with a member of Interior Designers aims to make an inventory of your project based on the examination of your current space. We are attentive to your project and your tastes: do not hesitate to share the atmosphere you are looking for with a selection of photos. Planning advice and decorating ideas are immediately offered to you orally.

Do I have to commit to continuing the collaboration following this 1st meeting?

This 1st meeting does not necessarily imply the continuation of your collaboration with the member of the collective. You are free to commission us for the continuation of your project or to carry out your project yourself using the advice received as you see fit.

What is the time between the 1st appointment and the study of your interior architecture project?

The deadlines are very variable depending on the importance of the study and the scope of the work to be carried out. The decorator, interior designer, architect or landscaper will provide you with information on the duration of the mission from the first appointment but will not be able to offer you a full schedule until after the study of your project. The sections Projects and Before & after allow you to consult examples of projects and their duration of realization, from study to delivery.

What is the payment schedule?

Payment for the 1st RV or flat-rate services is made the same day. The services of interior architecture / interior decoration / architecture / commercial architecture are settled according to a schedule which will be proposed to you on the estimate.

Types of services

What is the difference between an interior designer, an architect and an interior designer?

Interior decorator

An interior decorator chooses furniture and sets it up, he chooses colors and materials for floors, curtains and advises decorative accessories. Simple renovation projects can be entrusted to an interior designer.

Interior designer / interior architect

An Interior designer / interior architect integrates interior design into his expertise because this mission is an integral part of his work. Its job is to think of the whole interior with coherence (housing, office, commerce, etc.). He works on the partitioning, the water and electricity supply networks, the light, the ergonomics of the fitted out spaces, etc. He must also take into account the architecture of the project. Just like a DPLG / DE / HMONP architect (registered to the french order of architects), he is the prime contractor, he can take care of the site supervision of his customers. The interior designer is not authorized to intervene on the structures of the buildings but he can call on a design office to deal with the structural part, if necessary. The law requires interior designers to have a decennial insurance.

Architect (DPLG / DE / HMONP)

France has around 30,000 architects registered in the order table who can be DPLG or DE. Their name changed in 2007 when the training of students from the National Schools of Architecture changed. Until 2007, at the end of the training which lasted 7 years, the graduates received the title of architect DPLG and the right to exercise the functions of project management. Since 2007, training has been reduced to 5 years and graduates who receive the title of architect DE, must follow additional training of the order of one year to be able to exercise these functions (Habilitation à la Maîtrise d'Oeuvre in Proper Name - HMONP).

The mission of an architect consists mainly in the construction, enlargement or elevation of a building or in major renovations of buildings when the structure needs to be modified (floor, load-bearing walls to be consolidated). Even if they are authorized to deal with the structural work, they generally call on design offices for this part.

Architects are architectural designers, their activity gives them an undeniable artistic sense, but they generally do not have the detailed approach of an interior designer for the overall creation of an interior space. This profession is highly regulated. It is enough to inquire with the order of architects to know if the one you have chosen is entitled to practice. In addition, these professionals must take out decennial insurance.

What is the role of a Landscape Designer ?

A landscape designer is a professional in the development of outdoor and indoor spaces: garden, pool, terrace, balcony, interior courtyard, patio, condominium garden, rooftop, vegetable patch and interior plant design. advise on the selection of plants and outdoor furniture and assist you in the layout of your outdoor space.

To bring an identity to your business and create a plant atmosphere conducive to well-being, a landscape designer adapts to the specific needs of professionals and integrates plants into your premises: shop, reception hall or waiting, showcase, green wall, terrace.

What is the difference between an interior makeover and Decoration shopping coaching?

These services are both carried out by an interior decorator who accompanies you in the creation of a new atmosphere within your interior. They correspond to two different stages of an interior design consultancy mission which does not involve any work.

As part of an interior makeover, the interior decorator meets with you at home to assess the potential of your interior and learn about your tastes and desires. He will give you oral and immediate advice on his layout and help you to set up a new layout for your interior based on your current furniture.

As part of a decorative coaching, the interior decorator accompanies you in the shops he has specially selected according to your tastes and your project. When you visit these decoration shops, he advises you on the purchase of furniture and decorative items and gives you professional discounts from his partners. The interior makeover / shopping coaching service is an advisory support which sometimes does not involve the provision of graphic and written elements (plan, sketch or trend board). ondent à deux étapes différentes d’une mission de conseil en aménagement d’intérieur qui n’implique pas de travaux.

Can the House & apartment inspection be carried out independently?

A Home pre-purchase advice accompanies you in the reflection that precedes the purchase of your home. In complete independence from the seller (real estate agent or private individual), an interior decorator or an interior designer will share with you, orally, his general diagnosis of the property you wish to acquire. It highlights the constraints to be considered (state of the electrical and sanitary networks, insulation), offers you oral solutions to modernize and optimize the space and gives you an estimate of any renovation work. A diagnostic service before real estate purchase is a mission of accompaniment-advice which does not imply the delivery of graphic or written elements (plan, sketch, trend board).

What is a Disability-friendly Interior Design?

A Disability-friendly Interior Design professional supports you in the improvement and modification of your home in the face of mobility constraints or loss of autonomy in Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings. Listening to your desires (aesthetic, budgetary and lifestyle), it also takes into account your ability to move, your joint or muscle limitations, your disabilities and possible sensory deficits in the context of a study until follow-up and site coordination.


What is the average cost for an interior designer service?

The price will depend on the size of your property, the amount of work carried out and the type of service. Consult the Prices page for information on our prices by type of service.

Is the 1st appointment charged and how can I pay it?

The 1st appointment is payable for all projects (excluding commercial architecture), then reimbursed if you continue with a mission. It is billed and paid the same day. If you do not wish to continue your collaboration with the member of the Créateurs d'Intérieur collective after the 1st meeting, the latter is not refundable but you are free to implement the advice received, yourself or with another service provider. See the Prices page for more information on the pricing conditions for the 1st appointment.

Service providers

How to choose the right renovation/construction company ?

A renovation or construction company is a company specializing in the renovation of apartments, houses or commercial spaces. The scope of this type of business is wide. On the interior side, they take care of the renovation of floors and walls, the renovation of a kitchen or bathroom, the layout of the attic and the energy renovation. On the exterior side, they are able to carry out a facelift, extension, construction or elevation.

Not all renovation companies are equal. The members of Interior Designers often work with the same renovation companies for several years. All are labeled and selected for their seriousness, according to a few fundamental criteria:

  • have subscribed to decennial insurance (covers the client for 10 years following the work) and civil liability
  • seniority of at least three years and proven experience
  • human and technical means sufficient to cover interior designer projects,
  • quality of completed work, cleanliness of the site and compliance with safety standards,
  • expertise of the teams,
  • responsiveness of the company and impression of confidence in the
  • quality of the materials used.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing an interior designer, architect, interior designer or landscape designer?

The service provider must be insured, experienced and work with competent companies. All the members of our collective are selected according to these rigorous criteria.


I want to join your collective.

If you are an independent, experienced and insured professional, consult the Recruitment page for information on recruitment within the Créateurs d'Intérieur collective and share your portfolio.

Why is the Créateurs d'intérieur collective different from a platform?

Our positioning is unique, qualitative and radically different from the platforms:

  • You are paid by your client as soon as you work
  • No registration fees or exclusivity contracts
  • We are not competing with you for a project, you are directly put in contact with the prospect
  • We are a group of 70 individuals who meet or communicate, you are not a “number”
  • Some of the members have been loyal to us for over 10 years.

I work in a city where you are not yet present. Can I join the collective?

We plan to open our service in the following cities and regions: Strasbourg, Nice, Cannes / Côte d'Azur. If you already practice there, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Do you take interns?

We can only forward requests for long-term internships (more than 3 months) to members of our collective. The structure of Interior Designers does not allow us to receive interns directly.

I am looking for a job. Are you recruiting?

Our structure of freelancers does not allow us to offer salaried positions.

Shops we recommand in Paris

Check out the stores we recommand in Paris and in the Paris area. These stores specialized in furniture and decoration allow you to arrange your interior in the style that suits you the most: design, contemporary, industrial, nature, scandinavian, vintage or classic. By working with our decorators and architects for your interior design project, you may benefit from preferential discounts from these stores.

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